Few Steps to establish & develop an SME in Singapore


Singapore, for being the world’s most business friendly country is the top focus on international investors to start a new business here. If you’re also interested to starting a small business in Singapore, apply for SME business grants now. Though the grants are only approved to companies running in Singapore for more than 6 months successfully without any black spot.

  • Start with registering your business in Singapore by following a few simple steps.
  • Next, you can incorporate the business by hiring a local director for the company.
  • Apply or loans to the local bank by showing the profit reports of the past 6 months.
  • Connect with a web design and marketing company for boosting the sales rate of your new business in Singapore.
  • Learn about the popular grants offered by the Singaporean government. For improving the business and particularly for transforming it into a modern one, money is needed. The Singaporean government has come up with the idea of supporting small businesses from logistics to production and from IT to tourism to improve their infrastructure for which they grant the PSG grant. Applying for the grants can be done online.